Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grid-Tie Solar PV System Appears Investment-Effective for You

Grid-Tie Solar PV System

Solar photovaltaics (PV) has been increasingly growing over the past 30 years, and now it can be installed at home. For residential solar power generation, a grid-tie solar PV system is considered a very appropriate choice for you. It cannot only supply electricity to a family consistently, but it can also save and even earn money for your family.

Currently there are three kinds of solar PV systems that catch people’s attention: grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid. Among them the grid-tie system is considered most popular and easiest to save and earn money for a house. The following reasons are considered the most important ones.

The total cost of the system is relatively low compared with the other two systems.

Grid-tie means the system is tied to the local utility grid, which makes sure your house can be powered when the system cannot generate power in special conditions like nights or heavy rain or snow days. The two main components of it are solar panels and a string inverter (or a series of micoinverters), one for converting sunlight into direct current (DC) and the other for turning DC into alternating current (AC). In contrast, an off-grid system needs batteries to store energy because it is disconnected from the grid. Batteries are usually expensive. A hybrid system is an integrated format of the two former systems. It needs connection and batteries. Therefore, it is the most expensive system.

A grid-tie system helps the owner save money and even can earn some if extra power is generated.

How can such a system save money for the owner? The widely highlighted reason is as soon as the system is installed and begins generating power, you don’t have to pay for the power bills. That’s partially true, for at night you also need power fed to you from the grid. So, this way can help you save money although not that much. The other way is if you have extra electricity, it will be fed to the grid automatically. This amount of power helps you earn money from the grid. If this amount is higher than that you get from the grid in special conditions, you earn money. In countries where very rich sunlight reaches the earth, earning can be possible in terms of a proper size one installs for his home. However, if you install a larger system such as 4 kW, 1 kW larger than what your home really needs, your hope of earning money is surely possible.

Government policies support grid connection and can even offer profits.

In Europe and North America this is popular, and these governments encourage their citizens to go solar, although currently the UK government appears not that nice for the solar industry. Anyway they all allow grid connection, and some even offer profits like tax rebates or things like this to encourage their citizens. China is a new comer for solar, but it works exceedingly hard to boost it. Solar power is part of it and the central government and local governments now offer more subsidies for home solar. Each kWh of electricity generated by your home solar PV system is paid by them no matter how you use it. That’s very nice. Solar companies in the country run this business say one’s solar investment can be returned in 6 years or so.

Although a grid-tie system features these shining profits, it also has its shortcomings. For example, it cannot be completely environmentally friendly because you still use the power generated by biofuels from the utility grid. Besides, only grid-tie inverters can be installed in it. It is like the off-grid system, which only applies off-grid inverters. But after measuring all the concerned elements, this one is favored by global citizens. If you meet very special conditions, an off-grid or hybrid system may meet your needs.


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